Live Streaming

Live stream your events, meeting, conferences, performance or classes. Broadcast beyond your venue to audiences anywhere. Attract a digital audience, include absent presenters/speakers or simply create your entire event digitally.

Our professional and experienced team offer a range solutions to help you seamlessly communicate with your audience using state-of-the-art equipment.

We provide quick and easy full-service live streaming solutions including cameras, vision and sound.

Live Streaming


LED screens are an extremely versatile visual technology. Modular LED panels can be custom built to whatever size and formation your event requires including curved convex or concave, 360, totem and box displays.

With the latest LED technology your images, videos and graphics are guaranteed to be clear and impactful from any angle.

Our screens provide high resolution playback with seamless viewing and can be installed with or without sound.

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Projection mapping

Create a stand-out feature at your event with projection mapping.

Transform any object or shape into a canvas with this state-of-the art technology.

Using specialised software, images are projected to create a truly unique visual experience.

Our experienced team of designers create graphics which will precisely blend and warp on the selected surfaces.

Projection Mapping Car

On-site team

On-site playback operators and technicians are on-hand to manage your visuals during your event.

Our technical crew are proficient in utilising our equipment to its full potential as well as ensuring it is set up correctly and safely.

Each project is meticulously planned and prepped by our experienced team and led by a dedicated Production Manager on-site.

Presentation, film screening or branding, we will ensure your message is crystal clear

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