Lighting design & programming

Lighting to enchance, highlight or create a dynamic light show, we can offer a range of solutions and effects.

We have a team of experienced lighting designers and operators who can custom design a lighting plan and accompanying renders that fit your event and space.

Services and products include:

  • Beams
  • Wash fixtures
  • Generic lights
  • Special effects – haze, CO2
  • Custom gobos
  • Rigging

We have a range of lights and fixtures available to hire.


L'Oréal conference events agency

On-site team

Once our team has installed your lighting, our on-site technicians and lighting designer/operator is on hand to operate.

Each project is meticulously planned and prepped by our experienced team and led by a dedicated Production Manager on-site. 

Our technical crew are proficient in utilising our equipment to its full potential as well as ensuring it is set up correctly and safely.

Transform the look and feel of an event through creative lighting

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