Barco EX


  • A single processor can provide a 4×4 scaling matrix of HD sources or link two processors to create an 8×8 scaling matrix.Expanding the input and output capacity of your Event Master processors, the Ex adds more scaling and switching power to your system.
  • It extends I/Os for applications up to 100 meters away.The Ex shares its modular I/O cards and software with the other Event Master products.
  • This allows you to flexibly configure your systems and service your units in the field. It also makes your cabling and systems simpler. It replaces up to eight fiber extenders between I/O devices and Event Master boxes.
  • Two Ex processors with a total of two input cards and two output cards can be connected to each E2 or S3-4K link connection providing 8 Ex chassis for the E2 and 4 Ex chassis for the S3-4K.
  • This enables 8 inputs and 8 outputs per link connection, totaling 32 inputs and outputs for E2 and 16 inputs and outputs for the S3-4K – all without adding another full-sized processing chassis.
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