Roland V-40HD

Vision Mixers

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  • The Roland V-40HD Multi-Format Video Switcher is a true multi-format video switcher, meaning it doesnt require input sources to be matched to output resolutions.
  • Every input has its own broadcast quality scaler that can individually scale, stretch, crop and zoom each source as needed for the output resolution chosen.
  • A Multi-Zoom feature can be enabled when one video input is shared internally with up to three more inputs.
  • The scaler for each input can zoom into any position in the video image to give the appearance that additional cameras are connected, thus creating a virtual multi-camera environment. LEDs indicate input status.
  • Signal processing is 4:4:4 at 10 bits on input and 4:2:2 at 8 bits on output. Effects include a Downstream Keyer for compositing logos and text into output video.
  • An audio input bus enables audio to be embedded onto the HDMI outputs.
  • An Audio Delay feature aligns timing with video for perfect lip sync.