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Ibiza Lounge

Ibiza – the land of sun, sea, sand and parties of course!

Asi 2016

Ibiza – the land of sun, sea & sand, and parties of course! Around the eventful strips of Ibiza, the lounge theme has been seen as one associated with bright, prominent whites, with blends of colour breaks and bespoke designs. Now the question is, using this as inspiration, how could we incorporate this into the style of an event?


Our clients gave us the foundation we needed to start on with an open plan marquee, set in the grounds of beautiful greenery surrounds, so it was imperative to get the detail correct.

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The party is always on the dance floor!!
Production Management

In order to represent an important and “VIP” stature, we had to ensure the level of seating was defined using staging with bespoke white furniture and elements of grey and silver to keep it classy and jazzy at the same time.

What better way to celebrate your time in Ibiza than a few drinks? Bespoke white bars with silver mirrordetailing was a focal point, and as you can imagine, one of the busiest areas of the marquee, with bartenders pulling out all the tricks to wow the guests whilst they made themselves comfortable.

The party is always on the dance floor, and with our wonderfully designed silver mirror bespoke dance floor, this set the foundation for all of those heels to groove on, with music courtesy of our specialist Kudos Music DJ’s to run the rhythm for the evening.

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Lighting is known to be one of the most pivotal factors in making an event’s true dimensions more prominent, so with the use of our intelligent Robe collection, mixtures of Pointe’s, MMX Spots & our wonderful array of Chauvet Q-Wash, we programmed them specifically for intelligent movement, contrasting gobo patterns from each moving fixture, topped off with bright colours against the white’s in the marquee.


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The theme is one that has a lot of potential yet to be uncovered, be sure to keep your eye out for more eye catching material from Kudos AV.
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