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CO2 Jet

Magic FX

The CO2 Jet is intended to electronically blow white smoke plumes of CO2 from a distance. As soon
as the CO2 leaves the cylinder through the CO2 Jets secured high-pressure hoses, it converts into
gas. This formation of gas is accompanied by a strong hissing sound and a solid white plume of
smoke will be visible. The length of this plume is on average 8 metres. This depends on the air
humidity: in case of a high degree of air humidity, the smoke plume will be larger and in case of a low
degree of air humidity it will be smaller.
The CO2 Jet must be connected to a carbon dioxide (CO2) bottle with dip pipe.
The CO2 Jet is not suitable for other gases than those described above.
Any use other than that described above will exclude your supplier from any liability.

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